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15 Minutes a Day Social Media Plan

How much time do you spend on your social media? Too much or too little?

The average user spends approximately 90 minutes on social media per day. But if you’re running a business, you may not have 90 minutes to spare. So, let’s say you could put 15 minutes aside each day. This should be more manageable and hopefully this plan will help you to utilise that precious time:

Before you start, you need to decide what social networks your business should be on. In this plan I will go over 3 of the major sites —Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

15 Minutes a Day Social Media Plan:

5 minutes: Browse and engage.

Interaction with your customers is one of the most important reasons for your business to use social media. Research shows that 9 out of 10 customers and 7 in 10 feel that brands have a self-centred desire to increase profits rather than a sincere commitment to their customers. Your first step in your social media routine should always be to pay attention to your most important audience —your current and potential customers.

Facebook: Check your Notifications. Like posts shared by your customers about your brand, and reply to any new posts and messages.

Twitter: Check your Mentions tab to see new interactions and followers. Take time to note inquiries that warrant a response. Thank new followers.

P.S.The difference between a happy customer and a disgruntled one is the prompt response to a tweet or post. When you receive an alert that someone has mentioned you on Twitter or posted on your Facebook page respond as quickly as possible.

LinkedIn: Check your new Connections. If you have published any articles has anyone posted a comment that requires a reply? If people have liked your post thank them for taking the time to read it.

5 minutes: Monitor - This is where a lot of people are led astray and end up spending hours on social media. Be strict with yourself and log out as soon as you have made the following checks:

Facebook: Browse your Feed and any search streams you have set up for news in your industry to find out popular stories in your network.

Twitter: check search streams set up to follow industry news. Has anyone mentioned your brand in a tweet? Check a few of your client’s tweets for something worth retweeting.

LinkedIn: Check LinkedIn pulse, and any published material through LinkedIn from people you follow.

5 minutes: Post

Post content as needed. Try to have something interesting and informative for your social media audience, whether it comes from your business or external articles.

Facebook: Post a relevant article, either from yourself or shared from a trusted and informative source. Occasional humour, as long as it’s not offensive and is appropriate for a business audience can be very effective.

Twitter: Try to post tweets which drive followers to your business’s website such as tweets which contain images or videos, or a happy customer testimony. If you schedule your tweets, ensure that they are not too frequent or you may find your followers will unfollow you. A good tip also, is to pick a customer Tweet to retweet:

LinkedIn: Publish or share a post which is appropriate for a professional audience.

Please contact me if you would like assistance with your social media planning.

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"Lesley is our voice on social media via Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. In addition, Lesley also creates and produces our monthly newsletter which is emailed to 1000 plus contacts. Working with Lesley enables us to concentrate on running a busy restaurant and spend quality time as a family. It is reassuring to know that the work Lesley does for us is professional, engaging and appreciated by our customers and social media followers."

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