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4 Steps to creating the perfect Promotional Newsletter

Sending out a newsletter to your contacts database is a great way to keep in touch with clients and prospects. You don’t need to send a lengthy message, just enough to keep customers up to date with company news, improve brand awareness and build a relationship with your core audience. It takes a bit of time to create a good newsletter, but it’s a valuable marketing tool. Design your newsletter as if it were a newspaper and ensure that the content is useful to your readers. You want clear lines and divisions between your content and a simple layout with basic fonts. Keep to just a few colour schemes too.

Once you have created your brilliant newsletter, you will want to ensure that it reaches the widest possible audience:

1. How to get your email opened:

Mention your business name in the header

Make the subject header stand out

Word such as Sale, Free, Night and Weekend are good i.e. ‘Ty Cae Free Chocolate event this weekend!’

Keep the header to around 28 – 39 characters

Avoid the Spam bin – Spam filters use a points system to assign points to the subject line and body of an email and if the number of points exceed a certain figure then the email is identified as spam. So, don’t put more than one word in full caps, avoid overusing the word free and keep to just one or two exclamation marks. Also, don’t put the recipient’s name in the subject header.

Mailchimp says’ When it comes to email marketing, the best subject lines tell what is inside and the worst subject lines sell what is inside’

2. The content:

Make sure the content is specific and useful to the recipient

Don’t  worry about it being short – One hundred and fifty words and three paragraphs is fine. Break up the content by making key words in bold and if appropriate, use subheadings or bullet points.

If you can personalise it then do so

Get straight to the point and avoid jargon

Avoid exaggerated or unrealistic promises

Highlight the benefits of what you are selling and how it will help your reader

Keep your tone personal and use the word ‘you’

Write your email as if you were talking to that person

Images are good but avoid using too many as they can take a while to load onto mobile devices

Links: you can include a hyperlink if it is appropriate but try to keep to just one or two

3. Provide a deadline:

If you are promoting a special offer, make a clear call to action and explain why the reader should act now. Try to add a sense of urgency. Make sure the next step is an easy one. Offer to call them, or invite them to reply to the email or click through to a relevant landing page. Do make sure a phone number is clearly visible.

4. Contact details:

Make sure your contact details are on the email.

The people at HubSpot have a great blog on email marketing which is worth reading

If you would like help creating a newsletter please contact me.

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"Lesley is our voice on social media via Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. In addition, Lesley also creates and produces our monthly newsletter which is emailed to 1000 plus contacts. Working with Lesley enables us to concentrate on running a busy restaurant and spend quality time as a family. It is reassuring to know that the work Lesley does for us is professional, engaging and appreciated by our customers and social media followers."

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