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5 Reasons why you should use social media

It is surprising how many business people I meet who are not using social media to promote their business. Some people are not convinced that social media works and others say that they cannot be bothered. If you are one of these, I think it is a good idea just to dip your toe into the ‘Social Media Puddle’ by setting up a personal Facebook Page and Twitter Account. See what others are posting and tweeting about and join in when you find something which interests you. Once you have got the ‘Social Media Bug’ set up a Facebook Page and Twitter Account for your business.

Here are my 5 Reasons why you should use social media:-

  1. It’s a great way to increase the exposure of your business
  2. If you use social media regularly,  it can provide brand recognition around your company’s benefits, values and advantages
  3. It can provide an increase in sales
  4. Being consistent on social media will improve your search rankings
  5. It’s FREE!

New to Social Media?

Here are some tips to help you set up your Facebook and Twitter profile:


Upload a professional photograph for your profile

Include a detailed description of your business, with key words and a link to your website

Ensure that your website is easy to find on your Facebook page

Have a link to your Facebook page on your website

Tip: Link your Facebook page to your Twitter account


Upload a professional photograph for your profile (Recommended size 500 x500)

Make your bio interesting – use one or two #hashtags to highlight key words

Include a link to your website in your bio

Have a link to your Twitter profile in a prominent place on your website

Tip: Use the #Discover tab at the top of your Twitter page to find people to follow

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"Lesley is our voice on social media via Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. In addition, Lesley also creates and produces our monthly newsletter which is emailed to 1000 plus contacts. Working with Lesley enables us to concentrate on running a busy restaurant and spend quality time as a family. It is reassuring to know that the work Lesley does for us is professional, engaging and appreciated by our customers and social media followers."

Simon & Kate King
Restaurant 1861

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